25.09.2020 - 25.09.2020 MS Matters: Diagnosis and monitoring in patients with MS

Following the first event in the 2020 MS Matters webinar series, we are pleased to invite you to the second live webinar titled: Diagnosis and monitoring in patients with MS. This interactive discussion, moderated by Professor Jan Lycke, will examine how the updated guidelines for diagnosis and monitoring are impacting the management of patients with MS, and discuss data on emerging tools for diagnosis and monitoring.

Updated guidelines have meant that more patients are now being diagnosed earlier in their disease course and neurologists are having to adapt their diagnostic and monitoring approaches.1,2 These updates, alongside emerging tools available for assessing MS in patients, for example composite outcomes, patient-reported outcome measures and wearables have made this a complex area for the MS care team to manoeuvre.3–5

In this webinar, the two experts will examine the accuracy and feasibility of a range of diagnostic and monitoring tools, as well as critically evaluate the more traditionally and widely used approaches. Throughout the webinar, you will have the opportunity to engage with the expert faculty and ask questions.

If you missed the live broadcast, follow the link and you can watch Prof. Lycke’s webinar on-demand.

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