06.10.2020 - 06.10.2020 MS Matters: Relationships, sex and MS

Typical MS onset occurs in early adulthood, around the time when intimate relationships, marriage and starting a family may be established. Therefore, discussion about the potential physical and emotional effects of MS on sex and relationships is an important one.1,2 Sexual dysfunction varies widely among patients with MS, and of course drastically between women and men, which has led to a variety of approaches to assess and manage the varying needs of this group of patients.3,4

This webinar, the third in the 2020 MS Matters webinar series, will involve an interactive discussion between Dr Doriana Landi and Prof. Enrico Finazzi-Agrò. They will examine data on how MS affects the lives of patients with MS and some important practical considerations, for example, how to approach the potentially challenging conversation about sexual dysfunction with your patients. You will have the opportunity to engage with the faculty and ask questions throughout the webinar.

We look forward to welcoming you at this online event and we anticipate an engaging discussion with wide-ranging implications for clinical practice.

If you missed the live broadcast, follow the link and you can watch the webinar on-demand.

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