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Highlights from EHF 2018

The EHF congress takes place every year to provide a forum for headache specialists to present and discuss the latest data in the field. Here is a summary of presented data that we found particularly interesting at the September 2018 meeting in Florence.


The economic and social cost of headache1

Christofer Lundqvist (University of Oslo, Norway) presented data showing the significant and wide-ranging impact of headache on the economy and on society. In a cross-sectional epidemiological study of people from Norway, 31% of patients with chronic headache were unemployed versus 14% of the general population, and one-third were on long-term sick leave (>1 year). Patients with secondary chronic headache, female gender, low education or high psychological distress were more likely to be on sick leave. On average, 6.2 workdays were lost to headache over the previous three months and loss of utility was high.