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30.05.2019 - 01.06.2019 13th European Headache Federation Congress (EHF)

This year’s European Headache Federation (EHF) Congress is dedicated to “giving light to the new scientific evidence on therapeutics, comorbidities and pathogenesis of headache” to help improve quality of life.

The Congress will spotlight a variety of novel treatments, namely those targeting the CGRP, 5-HT1F and PACAP pathways, as well as neurostimulation trials. Particular emphasis will be put on the patient’s journey within the spectrum of treatment options.

Last year, when Neurologybytes covered the EHF in Florence, we had the privilege of interviewing some leading researchers in Neurology. This included the President of the EHF, Dr. Paolo Martelletti, who discussed the different guidelines on migraine treatment. We also sat with Dr. Rami Burstein (Harvard Medical School, US) to hear about emerging concepts in migraine pathophysiology, and how adaptations to social life can decrease the likelihood of patients overusing headache medication. You can watch more interviews here, as well as read summaries of other key findings presented at the Congress.

This year’s EHF Congress will again offer a plethora of engaging lectures. Topics for 2019 include the role of the hypothalamus in migraine (by Prof. Arne May, University Clinic of Hamburg, Germany) and the potential benefits of anti-CGRP monoclonal antibodies for other painful conditions (by Prof. David W. Dodick, Mayo Clinic, Arizona).

The EHF congress is committed to expanding the knowledge of young neurologists by offering a series of five teaching courses taught by leaders in the field. The topics of the courses are (1) “Why include multidisciplinary treatment when organizing the headache clinic?”, (2) “Headache in children and adolescents”, (3) “Cluster headaches & trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias”, (4) “Migraine prevention”, and (5) “Management of chronic migraine and medication overuse headache”.

There will also be several workshops as well as industry-sponsored satellite symposia. TEVA are supporting three talks: “The epidemiology and impact of migraine in Europe”, “Innovative therapies”, and “Fremanezumab: Results of the Long-term and FOCUS clinical trials”.

Visit the official website of the 13th EHF congress to learn more about the program.

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