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Kerstin Hellwig and Gavin Giovannoni
Pregnancy management in MS - Transcript

KH: First of all, there is no need to disadvise any or most of MS patients to become pregnant or to plan a family. It’s also true for men.

GG: I mean most people, they’re so traumatised by their MS the family issue doesn’t happen for a while, but we tend to delay discussing everything all at once because when you come to a consultation and you get diagnosed with MS that’s all you hear; the diagnosis. We try not to overload them with information. So what we tend to do is give them various resources to go away and read. MS does not affect fertility. If you’re not disabled it does not affect anything about labour. You just go the normal route. At post-partum breastfeed and do everything you want. What does affect pregnancy is the DMT you’re on and so we have to then adjust the DMT depending on the stage of pregnancy that or as