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29.06.2019 - 02.07.2019 5th Congress of European Academy of Neurology (EAN)

The EAN Congress focuses on novel research and updates in neurology, neuroscience, nervous systems. It offers a variety of session formats including plenary symposia, workshops, teaching, and hands-on courses. A session on controversies could be particularly insightful.

Last year, Neurologybytes covered the EAN in Lisbon where we interviewed some leading neurological researchers. Dr. Dimos Mitsikostas (University of Athens, Greece) discussed migraine prevalence and the choice of treatment, and Dr. Michel Ferrari (University of Toronto, Canada) gave an overview of the latest evidence on the role of CGRP in migraine. You can browse for additional interviews and articles on other hot topics from the 4th EAN congress here.

Every year EAN defines an overarching theme to highlight a topic of actual interest and importance. This year’s theme zeroes in on neuroinflammation and the potential new treatment strategies for neurological diseases stemming from recent discoveries in the field.

Inflammation has recently been found to affect the etiopathology of many neurological diseases, including migraine. Dr. Lars Edvinsson (Lund, Sweden) will be covering the potential role of neurogenic inflammation in migraine during one of the plenary symposia.

A noteworthy workshop at the Congress is “Coping with refractory headache disorders of children and adolescents” in which Dr. Aynur Özge (Mersin, Turkey) will present cases on childhood chronic migraine. The “Biomarkers in headache disorders” workshop will feature emerging data on genetic markers for identifying specific migraine types.

“Controversies in headache medicine”, chaired by Dr. Messoud Ashina (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) promises to be an engaging session; leading experts will debate whether tension-type headache is a frequent disorder or, at times, a minor form of migraine. The pros and cons of detoxification after medication overuse in headache patients will also be addressed.

Visit the official congress website here for more information on the different sessions.

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