50 MIN

12.05.2020 - 12.05.2020 MS Matters: The evolving patient profile in MS –approaches to management

The evolving patient profile in MS

In the first part of this CONy & Teva Neuroscience MS Matters webinar, Prof. Soelberg Sørensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark introduces the multiple factors that have caused the apparently milder course of MS in recent decades and the changing epidemiological trends.

Veeva code: NPS-ALL-NP-00156

Managing the modern patient with MS

In the second section, Dr Magyari, University of Copenhagen, Denmark highlights the varying considerations for managing the spectrum of modern patients with MS: younger patients with milder disability to older patients with greater disability.

Veeva code: NPS-ALL-NP-00157

Case study discussion: Adapting management approaches for a diverse patient cohort

In the final section, Prof. Soelberg Sørensen and Dr Magyari discuss the management of 2 patients by means of case studies; one young female patient with mild disease and pregnancy considerations, followed by an older male patient with comorbidity complications.

Veeva code: NPS-ALL-NP-00158

Access the full slide deck presented in the webinar:

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