16.04.2019 - 16.04.2019 MS Matters: Managing patients through their pregnancy journey

Introduction and pre-pregnancy: Starting out on the family planning path

In the first section of this second CONy & Teva Neuroscience MS Matters webinar, Prof. Sven Schippling and Dr Kerstin Hellwig emphasised that early discussions with patients with MS about family planning are very important to achieve the best treatment approach and address any concerns.

Pregnancy: The continuing journey

Continuing their discussion, Prof. Sven Schippling and Dr Kerstin Hellwig agreed that data suggest that pregnancy has a protective effect on MS relapses, but for those patients who are at particularly high risk of relapse, the available options should be discussed with the patient.

Post-pregnancy: Looking to the future 

In the final section of the webinar, Dr Kerstin Hellwig highlighted the importance of a personalised approach to postpartum MS management. Prof. Sven Schippling concluded the webinar by stating that he felt that the data presented demonstrate that the majority of patients are able to start or add to their family without any negative impact on their disease control. 

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